Technical performance is a key stake in ensuring long-term life cycle, availability, safe operation of a vessel and return on investment. It relies on technical expertise and experience, but practically it relies on our ability to propose solutions, support & services.
As a partner, Bourbon Tech Solutions team’s mindset is Technical performance oriented, and our offer relies on 3 levels to reach Technical Performance :

- Digital solutions : we propose fit-for-purpose solutions to any technical challenge
- Operational support : we provide expert and business support
- Technical services : we propose services to implement more complex challenges

Digital Solutions

When our customers are facing technical challenge, we are not far away. After diagnostic, we propose fit-for-purpose solutions – most of the time ‘supported’ by digital – to be set-up for long and shorter terms. Being in contact with maritime innovative players, key leaders, main makers and editor, we can provide best solutions of the market.
When validated, the solutions are deployed and integrated according to standards. The very first mission of ‘Digital Solutions’ team is then to administrate these solutions : data intelligence, KPI, user experience, interface with editor… to allow your team to focus 100% on operation.
We propose solutions in the following areas : CMMS/PMS, Vibration analysis, Remote inspection, lean docking, … and more.

Operational Support

Our Operational Support team is a ‘team of experts’, fully business oriented in CMMS/PMS, Vibration analysis… They are the single point of contact to any technical request coming from the crew or technical team. It covers all technical issues, with no limit until final resolution: PMS, maintenance, IT, class, data, process workflow, risk assessment, technical investigation and even field services.
Our formalised processing of the inquiries ensures effective problem solving: fast and accurate, with full transparency and follow-up. The Operational Support team solve all ‘level 1’ requests, and escalate Level 2 and 3 to upper level.

Technical Services

As all technical request – even level 2 or level 3 complexity – needs to be engineered until complete resolution, our commitment is to provide our customers a realistic and tailor made proposition to any request and to benefit from our resources :

  • our internal technical resources : design engineering, procurement, logistics, supply chain, maintenance engineering, CMMS/PMS, data intelligence, docking, BWTS, DCM, Engine Overhauls … and more;
  • our network of technical partners : class, flag, regulation, Technical Assistance, Field Services… ;
  • our great experience on technical management, as we can mobilize in short term experienced technical project managers to implement all these services
    This is our vision of ‘Technical Performance’, dedicated to Shipmanager as ‘partner’.